Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Dressing: from the vintage pattern collection

Vintage Simplicity Pattern #3250

When you're collecting vintage patterns and you know all the good places to look you'll start seeing the same patterns in different sizes, different places, and in different conditions. The first time I saw this pattern it was smashing crushing love I felt for it. I got out-bid on it once on E-bay. Then I managed to get it, but in a size 12 which would have fit me when I was, well, 12. I gave that one to my friend Sharon who actually made it. She had to do some adjustments which is usual for most patterns but in the end she was so flipping cute in the outfit that if I didn't already love her so much I would have not been able to stand her. She has the nicest figure (still does after two babies...bitch! Ha, just kidding. Just so happens I still love her and she's not at all a bitch.) and this outfit when sewn is exactly as wonderful as I imagined.

As you can see, I finally ended up with a copy of it in my own size. I never stop imagining how great it would be to wear this ensemble to the farmer's market in the summertime. Or how about to a park with my kid? It would be awesome to garden in. Why people feel they have to garden in jeans is a mystery to me. I have never liked wearing jeans. I loath denim, for one thing. For another, they have never done my ass any favors. Pants like these ones made in a sturdy twill would be very comfortable for gardening in and super attractive on most people. If one is worried about dirt showing (as though it didn't on denim or sweats!) one can make them in a pretty cocoa or black twill.

As I load my vintage pattern collection onto this site it will become apparent what my style obsessions are. I won't give it away all at once.

Some day I hope to be able to finally make this for myself and then wear it with a giant sunhat and a pair of Jewish grandmother sunglasses.


  1. fabulous halter it!! My head still says I'm small enough to pull this off yet the dressing room mirror today said otherwise. Oy! But I'm working on it....

  2. I always meant to comment back on this one Kathy- I'll bet you could carry this off better than me!