Friday, July 2, 2010

Girdle Designs

These are designs I sketched for girdles. I love vintage lingerie and have a small collection. I've always been interested in designing and learning to make a collection of them for myself. I did once start working on a girdle pattern and sample when I was still costuming but I never finished it.

I dislike most modern undergarments. Everyone already knows what I think of thong underwear both from a philosophical, a comfort, and especially from a fashion point of view. I dislike all sleazy undergarments. My favorite period for undergarments is the 20's through the 40's. Pre-bullet bras which have never been my favorite, though they've enjoyed some renewed popularity from time to time.

This is a pencil sketch I made some time in 2008. I wish I would date all my sketches like I do my writing. I had to increase the contrast in this scan by a lot just to show the line drawing, so it looks a little funny.


  1. This facinates me...even with the garters. Would you ever think of wearing a girdle? I did when I got married in 1973...but I think never again...

  2. I would!! I've worn Victorian corsets on many occasions back when I was a costumer and I also wore some 1920's style undergarments I made for myself- a bandeau bra and tap shorts. I never found a girdle I really liked so I didn't wear one. Modern ones are ugly. I'm not sorry to live during a time when wearing one isn't expected, it's good to have the freedom to wear more comfortable underwear. BUT- I must say that in some ways a corset, if not tied too tightly, is very supporting and comfortable and doesn't allow you to slouch. I like that!