Saturday, August 28, 2010

40s Bathing Suit Sewing Pattern

McCall pattern number 6062. I fought an eBay duel for this one. Twice. I lost the first time I saw it listed. It was better this way, this one is actually a size 20*. The first one I tried for was a size 18**. But when I saw another one get listed I decided I would pay any price for such a fine pattern. I mean, look at those hot platforms!!!

Oh, well, you don't get the shoes with the pattern. But still, look at them!!

This is the way a bathing suit should look. In my opinion. I realize it isn't the popular view but I think string bikinis are ugly. I think nearly all modern bathing suits are hideous. But this pattern would flatter almost any figure! Plus you don't have to shave (or wax) off all your pubes to wear it. In fact, you don't have to shave them at all if you don't want to.

I actually want to go swimming looking at that suit.

If I lose 80 lbs I will sew this for myself.

And wear it in public.

In fact, I'll become a Yamhill River rat.

*Vintage sizing. Not at all the same as a size 20 now.

**Again, not a current size 18. A size 18 then would be about a size 10 or 12 now, at most.


  1. I LOVE that suit and i totally agree with you about bathsuits in general.
    what material is that suit going to made from? MAKE IT!!!

  2. Oh man, If I could get my hands on a cute stretch poplin I'd probably use that. I had a stretch cotton bathing suit from the 40's once that I actually wore to class at FIDM, I think I paired it with a men's smoking jacket. But I mean to point out that it was completely modest while being super sexy! I did swim in it too and it was surprisingly comfortable while being supportive.

    But I'll bet a good version of this could also be made in a cotton lycra if it was lined.

    I will make it- but I have to lose a lot of weight first (I'm working on it!) or it will depress me.